What is it?

Avviso is a collection of Arduino and Processing libraries and examples to send push notifications to an iOS device via Prowl or an Android device via Notify My Android. Use it in place of having your Arduino send you an email or SMS. Both the Prowl and Notify My Android push notification services are fast and free.

How do I get started?

For iOS, get the Prowl iOS app on the App Store and generate a Prowl API key. For Android, get the Notify My Android app on Google Play and generate a Notify My Android API key. Next download Avviso on GitHub and paste the API key into the RingTheRedPhone example for Processing or Arduino. The Processing example looks like this:

Ring the red phone

The Arduino sketch is just as simple. Prowl delivers the message in a few moments through Apple's push notification service:

iOS notification screenshot

Notify My Android works equally well:

Notify My Android screenshot


Open an issue on GitHub, or email avviso@avvisoapp.com.